Thursday, June 26, 2008

Yes, "The Matchmaker" is still one of my favorite movies -- you wanna make something out of it?

I don't know which delights me more -- evidence of Janaene Garofalo being her deliciously honest self or the photo that shows her back amongst the brunettes.

I'm going to go with BOTH.

From an exchange between Garofalo and Jennifer Tilly (who I always unforgiveably seem to forget is so funny and smart):

Tilly said[,] "I think among the networks, it's like, 'Women like to watch women while they're at home washing the laundry, with the Tide that gets laundry whiter than white. And at night people want to watch edgy guys.' Didn't you experience that, Janaene, when you were at Saturday Night Live? That there was a tremendous sort of... not misogyny, but a sort of boy's club?"

[Garofalo answers]..."[w]hen I was there, the show was just awful. It didn't matter if you were a guy, girl, transvestite, transgender — whoever you were, that show just sucked it that year. ... I personally was awful. I failed miserably, plus I was a horrible drunk at the time; that's all my fault."

"I just assumed the man was keeping you down," Tilly said.

"The man and a woman," Garofalo said. "Me, myself, as a woman, kept me down."

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Long live the Colbert!

It's just as well that the Democrats voted to keep Stephen Colbert off the primary ballots. (Apparently, he was polling higher than any other candidate. Hee.) But I ask you, would the office of president really be big enough for Stephen Colbert? Nay.

msnbc chats with the legend himself.

My favorite quotes?

“When a fictional person declares something news, is it responsible for you to agree? Isn’t that interesting?” wonders Colbert. “But so many real people declare fictional news and the press agrees. For instance, the surge is a success, don’t you think?”

“Jon Stewart can say he doesn’t influence all he wants, but you know what? I’ll take up that mantle. I’ll pick up that sword,” Colbert says archly. “That’s the big difference between my character and Jon’s persona. Jon would demur that responsibility, but my character gets right at the head of the lynch mob and he goes like, ‘Let’s go get the monster in the tower!”’