Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Should you need us

Other than the people who need to know what "catty" means and the people who are Googling Matt Nathanson's wife (stop it, people; just STOP), I don't think many folks besides MeiMei and myself (and maybe Rachael in Australia -- hey, Rachael!) have missed us, since we -- petered out? To say "retired from posting" is to give more dignity to what really happened, which is ... lives? I'm going to go with "lives".

Anyway, point is, if you're wondering which scifi TV series has most ticked Seren off lately, you're welcome to mosey over to my brandnew tumblr:

I'll try to do more than just re-post Gingerhaze drawings and quotes from Dylan Moran. No promises though. (I am contemplating finishing off my AAOA series, just to prove to the world that I had a crush on Peter Dinklage waaaay before GOT.)