Friday, October 13, 2006

New this season: The Gaultier onesie

Remember when Madonna used to set trends? Like, remember when we all just rushed out and bought satin cone bras and got knocked up by our personal trainers and then killed the careers of promising British filmmakers? Good times.

But no more. Nowadays, trying so hard to keep up with the Jolie-Pitt kid count, Madonna's not even waiting for a kid to become an orphan before she bestows the "benefits" of a celebrity upbringing.

OMG, Madge, haven't you heard? Acts of imperialism in Africa are soooo five minutes ago.


Blogger TadMack said...

I know -- is it Adopt a Dusty Black Baby week, or what!? Did I miss the announcement? It's so sweet it makes my freaking teeth ache.

Other people have gone to Africa and helped out - quietly - without bringing home an effing souvenir.

Africa: a country of people poorly governed, not DOLLS to replace the teacup-poodle-in-your-purse fad.

Sat Oct 14, 01:14:00 AM EDT  

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