Friday, September 22, 2006

Gee, Shonda, could the theme be ... time? (Part 2)

Our continuing coverage of the Grey's Anatomy season premiere ...

9:31 pm PST /12:31am EST
Seren: I thought bubonic plague was, like, treatable with penicillin? How is that these folks are doctors and don't know that? George! Unknot your panties!
MeiMei: Zzzzz...oh what was that? Poorly contrived moment in the locker room?

9:32 pm PST / 12:32am EST
Meredith: Dark and twisty.
Seren: Meredith? Shut up. No, seriously.
MeiMei: Hee hee. I know what you mean, Mere! It's okay! Dark and twisty can be fun. Fun, yes, fun. Oh, I think I'm delirious.

9:33 pm PST / 12:33am EST
Seren: Thank you, Callie, for that sneer. And the flaring nostril? Nice. And I'm calling it -- best line of the episode: "I'm that girl in the back of the class who eats her hair." Aren't we all? Except for McMelty Face. Boo, McMelty Face! Boo!
MeiMei: Hee hee! (As MeiMei removes hair from her mouth) I love Callie!

9:34 pm PST
Seren: Izzy's on the bathroom floor? Like, how have people been peeing all night?

9:36 pm PST / 12:36am EST
Derek: Just . . . one . . . second . . . (cue ticking and, then, flashback)
Seren: Oh, wait, I'm sorry, I don't know if I've quite figured out. What's the theme of the episode? Something having to do with . . . nope, it's gone.
MeiMei: Is this a true flashback? Because Meredith looks so pretty here, like she hate a hamburger. I bet her locker was the one that didn't have food in it. I'm not surprised Izzy's had food. She's beautiful.

12:38am EST
MeiMei: Poor Bailey. She's having a really bad day.

9:39 pm PST
Seren: Bailey is not going soft. Bailey is not going -- Bailey is not -- oh, dangit. Well, Omar is making me a little verklempt, too. But, Bailey? Dang.

9:40 pm PST / 12:40am EST Commercial break
Seren: No, seriously, penicillin. That's it.
MeiMei: Well, the show has a really good medical advisor, so it's bound to be pretty accurate.
Seren: Really? Really? Is it possible that I've been underestimating the threat of the bubonic plague all this time? (Contemplative pause.) Hey, also, why is Richard avoiding his wife? I knew I should have re-watched the finale. Wasn't there something with his wife revealing she knew about the affair to blackmail him into the prom?
MeiMei: Oh, yeah, I remember something like that. Hey, are these real flashbacks? Like to the the first season?
Seren: I have no idea. I didn't watch that season.
MeiMei: They must be from earlier episodes. McMelty Face looks pretty in them.
Seren: I'm beginning to think that maybe we're not the best qualified people to be blogging this show right now.

12:45am EST
MeiMei: Bailey wishes she could turn back the clock and make it yesterday. Oh, Grey's writers! Do me a favor: that cliche ball you're running with right now? Drop it. DROP IT!

9:46 pm PST
Derek: Seriously, no.
Seren: Not willing to touch George's fevered brow? George, honey, call me. I'm right here, with my wrist prepped.

12:47am EST
MeiMei: George called Derek an ass! George called Derek an ass!

9:48 pm PST / 12:48am EST
Seren: Callie is my favorite.
MeiMei: Oh, Chris O'Donnell. I remember you as Robin. Fly, little birdie, fly away!

9:50 pm PST / 12:50am EST
Seren: Oh, it looks like MeiMei's going to be right about the girl with the glasses, and -- no! whoa! The girl with the glasses was a red herring! It's the girl with the striking blue eyes I never really noticed!
MeiMei: I may be right! I may be right! Oh, doh. Neither one of us is right.

9:57 pm PST /12:57am EST
Derek: I was going to come over this morning, but --
Meredith: I heard. The quarantine.
Seren: I wish my life were so exciting that I could just casually say, Oh, well, I would have been there, but -- the quarantine.
MeiMei: Why didn't Meredith express more concern for Derek? I mean, Callie flew into George's arms and he's her McDreamy. God, there's such a difference between the way Callie expresses her feelings and the way Meredith expresses hers. They both are not shy, but Meredith says things in such a self-absorbed, pitiful way that makes me want to smack her and say, "Grow up!" while Callie is so earnest that I want to hug her.

9:58 pm PST /12:58am EST
Seren (hearing the first few bars of final montage music): No! No, it can't be! It is! MAT KEARNEY!
(Seren fumbles for her cell, can't find a signal, and spends the final montage lurching around her apartment trying to find one.)
MeiMei: This sounds vaguely familiar ... where have I heard this song before? And Time. Time. Time. How many fucking times are they going to say that word? Shonda, we get it!

9:59 pm PST /12:59am EST
Christina: Don't ever die.
MeiMei: Stupid show. (Grabs nearby tissue box.)
Seren: Oh, dangit. (Stops lurching to sob briefly. And then, more lurching. Finally, a signal!)MeiMei, MeiMei! Do you know who that -- (The music credit comes up.)

MeiMei: He's everywhere! Seriously.


Blogger Tea said...

Ha ha ha!

Actually, most of the flashbacks were things we hadn't seen before.

I enjoyed it, but didn't love love love it. Yeah, I'm feeling Addison more these days. Church of Oh, amen. Like Callie but don't love her--though her rant to Finn was great. Everything last night felt a little heavy handed to me, not the effortlessness of earlier episodes. But hell, the pressure is on for them. I'm not surprised.

I'd say it was a second or third base hit, but they didn't knock it out of the park.

Don't get me wrong though, I'm still an addict.

Fri Sep 22, 03:31:00 PM EDT  
Blogger LLA said...

I had to avoid M&C (as well as large other chunks of the internets) since i didn't get a chance to see Grey's until last night. (It's just been that kind of week...)

I thought that parts of the episode were interesting, but I didn't just think that this was the best episode ever. (which of course what I hoped for it to be...) I loved the color commentary, though - thanks for letting us read along!

I held it together throughout the whole episode - until Christina went to see Burke. The minute she curled up on his chest - I. just. lost. it. Bawled like a baby....

Funny - I hate, hate, hated Callie last season, but tonight she began to rapidly grow on me. She did get some great lines, and there was some real vulnerability that I think was not obvious before.

Season's off to a good start, me thinks....

Mon Sep 25, 10:24:00 AM EDT  

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