Sunday, August 06, 2006

This week's reasons why basic cable just isn't sufficient

Reason #1. Laura Kightlinger co-writes and stars in new comedy on IFC.

Since I won't actually be viewing the show (due to Reason #1 why basic cable is sufficient: it is free with my apartment), the best part of this article is the part where somebody finally says something about the fact that Laura and Jack Black broke up (apparently, amicably, which is not exactly how I felt about it).

All those stories about him getting married and having a baby -- nobody bothered to mention what happened to his long-term relationship with Laura, which as far as I was concerned represented at least 25% of his awesomeness. (50% was based on the final scene of High Fidelity alone. 20%, his other roles. And, I'm just going to say it, 5% was based on Shallow Hal; if you haven't seen it, don't judge.) So, now, I can sleep nights and not worry about her, because she's dating a Groundling. That's all I needed to know, people. Was it too much to ask?

A little snippet from the article, for your enjoyment:

She grew up in Jamestown, N.Y., on food stamps, the child of a single mother who sent flowers to herself on special occasions. She recalls being the sort of kid predisposed to making wisecracks that spurred the other kids to say, “You’re weird!”

But at Emerson College she found kindred spirits in a comedy troupe called This is Pathetic.

Then, after graduation and a quandary over what should happen next, she chose standup as her profession. “It seemed like the most frightening, self-abusive thing I could do.”

Go, Laura!

Reason #2: Dave Chappelle and Maya Angelou to chat on Sundance Channel's Iconoclasts series.

Repeat: Dave Chappelle and Maya Angelou? Sells itself.


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ACK - yet another reminder that the IFC rocks. And is not a part of my crappycableprovider.

oh well...

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