Tuesday, July 18, 2006

How big the pond

I have some trouble with people who take themselves a little too seriously, people who do not realize that their significance, their importance, shall we say, has a context.

Let's just say: Fish, know thy pond.

I'm waiting for M. Night Shymalan to figure this out. Turns out, so is everybody else.

Newsweek is recommending somebody step in with some strong advice. (And even indirectly shouldering some of the blame for the situation, by citing accusations that their own hyperbole over his earlier works contributed to the current circumstances.)

The NY Times is suggesting that the wink-wink of the director's participation in the hype machine is less nudge-nudge and more sincere arrogance.

In short, Night thinks he's Moby Dick and the history of film is a wading pool.

I just can't help comparing what I'm reading about the director with the words of his astonishing star, Paul Giamatti:

"I don't think my thinking will ever switch from that of a supporting actor. I would have a hard time ever thinking it's all about me and I'm the most important thing in the scene. I can't think that way."

Real talent doesn't grandstand. It doesn't have to. Not to be too Zen about it, but: the pond is always bigger than you.


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