Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Not just neglecting you

So, I thought maybe I'd distinguish this week of non-posting (not spent in rehab) from those other weeks of non-posting (clearly spent in rehab), by stating the selfish reason that's keeping me away.

No, it's not that I suffered a psychotic break with reality the first time someone whose opinion I trust told me she thought Superman Returns was . . . good.

Okay, it's not just that.

It's that I'm doing this thing that's kind of goofy, which means that I can't waste hours of my life reading entertainment news. Actually, the thing (o, how I love it) is not letting me read anything right now and won't let me for a week. Something about not anesthetizing my soul, blah, blah, blah.

In short: I can't post, because I've started drinking (more) just to keep myself from perusing the headlines of Entertainment Weekly. (Don't tell me who's on the cover. Don't.)

Once the week is over, the hate and I will be back.


Blogger TadMack said...

You know I just -- just heard of that book? Someone gave me another Artist's Soul kind of thing, which quoted from it extensively. Good luck with it - it sounds cool in that uncomfortable, shuffling feet and shrugging I'm-not-into-this kind of way. I'm all for trying to get further into my art -- though not reading for a week would make me homicidal -- but you can't argue with mai tais! I wish you success!

Wed Jul 05, 10:31:00 PM EDT  

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