Friday, September 15, 2006

Go, Sarah, go!

I love Sarah Polley. Followed her career for years from the Road to Avonlea to The Sweet Hereafter to Go to Guinevere (with Sandra Oh!) to My Life without Me (with Scott Speedman!) and Dawn of the Dead. The girl can sing, too. I have soundtracks with her original songs. And now she can add director to her list.

Sarah Polley kicks ass

She's fresh, unpretentious and totally hates the celebrity thing. But she's on my celebrity radar. Oh yes. As bright as any other star, only not as, say, her co-star from Go, a certain Kate Holmes.


Blogger a. fortis said...

Oh, dang. I thought you were talkin' about me. Not that I've been doing much of anything! ;)

Sat Sep 16, 01:24:00 AM EDT  

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