Monday, September 25, 2006

Six Degrees for Brothers and Sisters

These new shows were so lackluster, I can barely stay awake to write this post. And I'm so under-enthused that they don't deserve their own post each. Pretty much, it's the game of six degrees at Brothers and Sisters. Follow me:

Calista Flockhart as "Kitty" interviews for a TV job, potentially working and falling in love with Josh Hopkins, last seen on "Pepper Dennis" and who co-starred with Calista on "Ally McBeal."

Balthazar Getty, who plays "Tommy," works once again with Ron Rifkin, "Uncle Sal," who was also evil Sloan, boss to Balthazar's "Agent Tom" in Alias. Bathlazar and Ron also worked with JJ Abrams, who created Alias as well as Felicity, where Sarah Jane Morris, who plays Balthazar's wife in Brothers and Sisters, was Noel's bride in the finale. And JJ Abrams is the guy who hand-picked the producers and writers for Six Degrees, which is such a snooze fest that I can't even remember what happened.


Blogger Seren said...

This post not only held my attention longer than any of the previews for this show, but I actually enjoyed it. Could ABC pick up your post, as in, have a weekly show where you just tell us who starred in what with whom? Cause, awesome.

Mon Sep 25, 09:44:00 PM EDT  

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