Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Next on Grey's: Surgeon v. Surgeon

Rumble on the Grey's Anatomy set. In short, Isaiah Washington picks Patrick Dempsey up like he's a little doll and shakes him.

But before you go all, You, go, Dr. Burke! (as I almost did), note the Defamer retelling of the tale alleges that Mr. Washington threw a little mean at T.R. Knight, too. You did not go snarling at George, now did you, Dr. Burke? Don't make me go Callie on your ass, sir. Because I will.

Defamer's source would also like us to believe that the dust-up had something to do with Mr. Washington's pride about his theatah training and how it should be recognized over Mr. Dempsey's up-through-the-B-movie-mill-ness. To which I can only say: Am I the only one who watched Ghost Ship last night on Spike TV? Any man who snogs a CGI ghost as Gabriel Byrne drowns in a vat of seawater in the background cannot be all throwing around his acting credentials. Cannot.

And to think that all this time, I had my money on Chandra Wilson to clean somebody's clock. (I'm not saying who, but I'm saying said clock-cleaning just might have taken place while someone was doing a whiny voice-over.)


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