Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Body Language

I guess Brad and Angelina communicate in other ways seeing as they don't talk about their relationship

Don't get me wrong: I'm not Team Jolie or Team Aniston. I like them both. It's Brad that I have an issue with, but that's for another post. But after I read the above article, I couldn't help snort. I mean, c'mon...they don't discuss their relationship or their family? Pretty soon, we may hear Angelina ask, "How the hell did we get pregnant?" but I guess you don't need words to figure that one out.


Blogger TadMack said...

"I just don't know how to address that kind of thing."


Fine. Whatever. But does no one else wonder why can't she be inarticulate in America?

Here are the words that I have to address this kind of thing: Rampant cultural assimilation and identity theft, exoticism, playing on the "innocence" and/or "sensuality" of a culture, co-opting its native peoples to provide background and/or photo op, etc., etc., and other nasty, bitter, and dare I say catty little etceteras. Perhaps ol' Angelina can find the words to talk about THAT. Or maybe I am asking too much.

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