Friday, August 29, 2008

If you don't ... then you SHOULD

Be reading the genius Project Rungay for such brilliance as this:

When we grabbed our seats for the screening of the Shear Genius finale, the last ten minutes or so of PR was running on the screen - without any sound. It was infuriating seeing who was in and who was auf without being able to hear any of it. "He's crying!" we shrieked hysterically. "Why is my man crying?!?"

"Wait. YOUR man?!" And then we hit each other with our beaded clutches.

I'm officially working the phrase "beaded clutches" into every conversation today.

(Thank you, John Majors via Eddie Izzard, for the paraphrased post title. As in, "If you don't think England is the greatest country in the world ... [long pause] then you should.")


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