Monday, November 19, 2007

Support the strike!

You know how we heart the well-written word over here at M&C, whether it be televised, streamed, or projected and accompanied by the scent of fake butter. So you might imagine how cranky we are at the AMPTP right about now, and thus, how pleased I was to have the awesome blog, United Hollywood, recommended by Blogger. It links to this petition you can sign to show your support for the striking writers, and if you're feeling particularly cranky about the Daily Show reruns and the potential derailing of the Scrubs finale, there's a multitude of links providing information on showing your support in more material ways. In particular, I like one of today's posts that recognizes the impact of the AMPTP's unwillingness to negotiate on the rest of the folks who make the shows and movies we love. In response to the strike, production crews are being summarily fired, down to the folks who make the copies of the scripts.

I like the writers, and I like the folks who take care of the scripts, and I like the grips and best boys and third assistant camerapeople and the food service folks who feed everyone. I'm betting you do, too.

So let us consumers of the end product do something about it. Let's help the little ways we can. Let's pay attention, sign petitions, donate where we feel it'll make a difference.

Or we can just go on consuming rubber stamp reality shows and ad nauseum examinations of celebrity budgets (hint: they're bigger than yours!) and surgical alterations (again: bigger or smaller or more sucked!). It made me a little queasy just typing that sentence, imagining a world without Bones banter, so it's pretty obvious what my choice is going to be.


Blogger MeiMeiLn said...

Thanks, Seren for this excellent post. As someone directly affected by this nightmare, let's hope the strike ends SOON! It's taking all my M&C skills to survive it. Strike does not bring out the pretty ...

Thu Nov 29, 12:43:00 PM EST  

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