Thursday, May 03, 2007

But ... we'd only just kissed and made up

This time last year, if you'd told me that the very last episode of Gilmore Girls ever was going to be broadcast in two weeks, I would have said: Well, that's two weeks too many for my tastes.

But now? That is not a thing that I can say. Instead, you will find me, on May 15th, curled up on my bed, hugging my pillow to my chest, weeping, Michel! Suki! Emily! How will I live without you? How can I sleep not knowing what job Kirk will hold next?

I admittedly had serious reservations going into this season, and sometimes it has been awfully wobbly. This week, for example, the episode wobbled so much it just tipped right over. Folgers replaced my regular Lane with instant crystals Lane, and I totally noticed the difference. And also: karaoke, really? I mean, really? That hobby so hip and happening that even Gwyneth Paltrow made a movie about it, what, ten years ago?

But on the other hand, there was last week. As Luke and Lorelei bickered their way through used car shopping, I found myself smiling almost as much as Lorelei -- because just like her, I felt it. The feeling was back. The fight was over, and maybe, just maybe, we were both stronger for the contentious last year. Maybe we knew each other a little better, GG and I. I'd seen it fall down and, miracle of miracles, pick itself back up, maybe a little scraped up, maybe a little bruised, but it sure stood on its feet again when I didn't think it could.

Maybe after all that, I'd learned that when you love someone, you love them even when they're stealing boats or issuing marriage ultimatums or introducing illegitmate children in such loud and aquatic-predator-metaphor-tempting ways.

So, I'm glad we had this season, GG. So that I could bid you farewell with a catch in my throat. Adieu, darling. Adieu!


Blogger Tea said...

You're back! I'm so glad:-)

Just don't go away again, okay?

Fri May 04, 01:00:00 PM EDT  

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