Monday, November 20, 2006

More disturbing ... or just plain silly?

They actually did it. Katie didn't run screaming from the castle nor did Joshua Jackson scale the walls, give her some strong coffee to revive her and together run out, a la The Graduate. Nope. They actually got married

I can't deny how pretty Katie looks, but honestly, that dress seems like a throw back to prom, especially the neckline. And would it kill her to stand up straight? Maybe she needs to take more vitamins to strengthen her back. :)


Blogger DaviMack said...

What you're seeing there is the slow ebb of her soul as it cringes away from creepy-man. No vitamins would help ... nor would she be allowed to take them.

Tell me, though: does he look like he's been hitting the bottle a bit hard lately? Anti-depressants are verboten, but Absolut Sleeping Aid® is OK?

Fri Dec 01, 12:18:00 AM EST  

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