Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Group cry?

So, I had hoped that this morning we could all get together and have a lively chat about last night's Gilmore Girls finale, about how blithe and witty and charming it was, how it brightened our -- oh, nevermind.

Where Grey's Anatomy felt like a good healthy cry on Sunday, the little gulping sobs I found myself choking back last night were not cathartic in the least. I'm so glad that I'll be able to sit and savor this feeling of despair for a good three to four months before next season's premiere.

Here's the things you feel about a cliffhanger: Excitement. Anticipation. The uncanny and unreasonable belief that it's all going to work out.

This was not a cliffhanger. This was something of a scorched earth policy.

Seriously, I ask you: To whom did Amy Sherman-Palladino not give the finger last night?

I imagine her thinking went a little like this:

Luke-shippers? Thanks for waiting more than five seasons for him to take off the freakin' baseball cap. What do I, Amy S-P, have for you? The finger.

Christopher-shippers? Way to back the dark horse all this time. For you? The finger.

David Rosenberg? You want my show? Fix this, motherf'er!

And to all you who said, More of the town troubador? I give you town troubador the way avians give you the flu. And you'll like it. Oh, yes, you will.

I (Seren talking now) am all about the unfounded aggression, people, and maybe this aggression was founded. But OUCH.

Yes, I liked Miss Patty, as always. Yes, I liked the song about the thumb loss. Yes, I thought the episode was well-crafted, and very good with the dramatic arc, and how often have I said that this season?

BUT, but now I have OUCH pencilled in for the next four months.

Thanks, ASP and DP! Thanks for the memories!

(My disclaimer on this critique is that I was not in a bouncy mood before watching the show, and I am not in a bouncy mood now. If someone else found the episode to be all that they wanted and more, please do reason with me, because I could use some cheering up.)


Blogger TadMack said...

The little treat I was saving for myself after working on this freaking edit, and after the stupid trying-to-be-Tea marmalade boiled over on the stove, and after all of that, no, there wasn't any joy with the Gilmores, and I'm agreeing with the scorched earth thing, and guessing that she wanted to just give someone a clean slate to work from? Because, we've got nuthin' here. Last view of Lauren Graham staring into space make my eyeballs ache. Ugh.

Wed May 10, 02:32:00 PM EDT  
Blogger MeiMeiLn said...

I agree, last night's episode was all sorts of ouch that I really, really, really did not want to feel nor did I want to see. I rememberly fondly the season ender at Pari's place where Lorelei and Luke kissed...remember those sweet exiciting days? *sigh* Anyway, last night's episode wasn't so much as ASP giving us the finger or wanting to give Crazy Heidi-loving Dave a clean slate, it was about the apparent burn out (or lack of caring) ASP has for GG. Remember, this was written and taped months ago, well before ASP decided to leave the show. After last night's show, I think monkeys will be an improvement to it. Don't let the door hit you in the ass, ASP!

Wed May 10, 03:31:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Tea said...

Jeeze, you guys are making me feel good that I don't watch the show. Less to get PO-ed about.

Sorry to hear about the marmalade, Tadmack. Can I offer you a consolation jar? (and the confession that I very nearly burnt my second batch--started writing an email, while still in the kitchen, and just barely caught it before the scorching was too bad).

Thu May 11, 02:33:00 AM EDT  
Blogger Seren said...

The thing you must consider, Tea, is that ASP has given us a superlative show much of the six years we've been faithful and true. We mourn because the thing that appears lost was so brilliant.

I pray that Shonda Rhimes never causes her audience a similar crisis, though in the category of Favorite Shows that Pretty Much Sh*t the Bed at Season Six, I can also add "Buffy," so, not to be superstitious, but.

Thu May 11, 12:59:00 PM EDT  
Blogger LLA said...

Thu May 11, 06:17:00 PM EDT  
Blogger TadMack said...

THIS is why I try not to get too involved in shows, because they just end up PISSING ME OFF. It's just WEEKS now of avoiding watching summer reruns because you know the "ugh" factor is there. And could she have just not woken up in his bed, or could it have been platonic? Does losing your One True Love actually run you right into someone else's bed?

Actually, Tea, I'm okay -- a.) I need bigger pots, and b.) I need to stop mucking around with the sugar because it also failed to (something I'd never admit on your site amongst the Foodies!) -- it's my own fault. It is now lemon compote...

And I needed a new stove anyway, this is a good excuse.

Thu May 11, 06:57:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Tea said...

I see. It is true that hate is just half a step away from love. I can understand. My philosophy is to jump ship when it appears to no longer be holding water so well (West Wing, anyone?). Call me fickle, I think of it as self-preservation.

Of course I do admire the loyalty. I'm just not sure I want to risk it. That said, I'll probably be watching Grey's five seasons from now and bitching about all the s**t they are pulling.

Tadmack--ah, the dreaded Foodies! Did you use the Pomona Pectin? I was wanting to give that a try, with less sugar.

Does it make a decent compote at least? Try it mixed into plain yogurt. Say you meant it to be like that. That's what works for me:-)

Sat May 13, 01:46:00 AM EDT  

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