Sunday, October 30, 2005

Bad comedian! Bad!

Newsweek considers that The Colbert Report may be bad for democracy -- at the same time, taking the theoretical underpinnings of his humor as a serious critique (which, you know, it really is, ultimately). Right now, I think the state of American "democracy" is bad for democracy, not the people who point that out.

And, Mr. Newsweek Journalist, you're shocked that the makers of policy may be scripting their actions according to a narrative? At first, I thought you were being indignant over news being scripted as entertainment, and I had three words for you (William Randolph Hearst), but then I realized you were incensed that it was the policy-makers who were engaging in a little fiction. In which case, I am inclined to go back to my original three words and veer a little to: Teddy Roosevelt, dude, whose career was made by the narrative of his actions in the Spanish-American war, a war manufactured by WRH. So, I wasn't that far off, after all. Are you just insensed that the comparison was so apt?

The article also pegs the whole thing as a flash-in-the-pan fueled only by ire for Bush. Yes, because the need to laugh at the contemporary world is going to be so over in 2008.


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