Monday, September 19, 2005

The M&C Guide to the Fall Season: Monday

8:00 Arrested Development

Don't make us come to your house and make sure you're watching this. Because we will. And not just because you might have snacks or a bigger TV. Though those are good reasons. But in this case -- we will be at your house so that your television is set to Fox at 8:00 on Mondays. Because this brink of cancellation thing for the funniest show on television -- that's just wrong, and, when not critiquing or gossiping, we are all about the righting of wrongs.

After you have watched AD, you have other semi-promising, Buffy- and Freaks & Geeks-alum-starring options:

8:30 (Fox) Kitchen Confidential
8:30 (CBS) How I Met Your Mother

Yes, the rule that if it sounds good, it's scheduled against something else good, still holds.


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