Friday, September 16, 2005

I guess they don't call it "black humor" for nothing

Per MSNBC, it's okay for D.L. Hughley to joke about Louisiana looters, 'cause he ain't white.

Per Hughley, it's okay because he's funny. I'm inclined to agree.

Best comedy lesson ever:

Ten years ago, Hughley said, he participated in a Harvard University seminar on comedy with Robert Klein and Joan Rivers. The question was posed: was there any subject they considered out of bounds for comedy?

Yes, Klein replied. There had just been a flood in India that had killed thousands of people. He saw nothing funny about that.

Rivers piped up: “I just want to know. Who got all the jewelry?”

Hughley filed that away as a lesson.

“The event itself, of course it’s not funny,” he said. “It’s the ironic things around it that everyone can relate to.”


Blogger TadMack said...

Oh, goody. More humor, by the name of Rita. Brought to you by Mother Nature.

Seriously -- if people of any color don't laugh, there's nothing else to do but get all edgy and buy up gas and try to cut people off when they're getting on the freeway to escape. Someone needs to have a grip on their sense of humor.

Wed Sep 21, 09:56:00 PM EDT  

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