Monday, September 19, 2005

Hi, My Name's ZOMBIE

One of the people bidding to have their name used in a Stephen King novel was willing to mortgage his house for the honor, and the winning bid (not his) was eventually $25,100.

"How many times," said the man willing to potentially lose his house, "do you have the opportunity to purchase immortality?”

1) I understand that people have done dumber things for charity, but this was clearly not all about the altruism of donating to the First Amendment Project;


2) I heart King's work as much as the next guy, I do, but the only "immorality" in writing I know is to be written about in (a) Shakespeare and (b) hieroglyphs, and this is neither.


Blogger TadMack said...

Hee! Last year, the Fairfield, CA library had a big fancy schmancy dinner thing and an auction like this... only Daniel Handler, Anne Lamont, and Kathryn Reiss were some of the authors who were selling, immortality.

Yeah. I'd like to die and be mentioned in one of KR's books.


Wed Sep 21, 09:52:00 PM EDT  

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