Thursday, May 26, 2005

We knew it was a matter of time

Our favorite judge, Janice Dickinson--the world's first supermodel--finally has escaped the shadow of Tyra's forehead with a new book, a TV production deal, and a spot on the next The Surreal Life. To the latter, Mean & Catty says, "Tsk, tsk. Janice, you're supposed to be the smart one! Have you not learned from Adrienne, America's First Next Top Model? Don't you remember how she threw herself at Peter Brady? Don't forget when the lecherous Mini-Me pinched her naked ass! We know you cringed as much as we did!" However, we will miss Ms. Dickinson refreshingly snappy crude ways, her beating breasts, and snarling lips. Let's take comfort knowing that Ms. Dickinson can always re-claim her spot. It's as easy as snapping a twig. (Admit it. The image of Janice Dickinson and Twiggy wrestling would rock! Janice would obliterate Twiggy in two seconds flat: one second to toy with her and the other to destroy her.)


Blogger Seren said...

MeiMei, your original link went bad -- so I replaced it with the MSNBC link, which I think must be the same thing.

Also, this one giveth as it taketh away -- Janice out, which is sad, but Nole is also gone, which is happy, and Ms. J. is in, which is even happier. Still, I'd say something about the shark and the jumping, but I'm pretty sure that phrase has jumped the shark.

Sat May 28, 01:32:00 PM EDT  

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