Sunday, January 11, 2009

Couch potato's log, supplemental

I was just yesterday chatting about my austere TV-watching habits with some lovely folks (you know who you are), and noting how, since the writer's strike, I'm down to three regular shows, Bones, 30 Rock, and the rotating Bravo show du jour Project Runway/Top Design/Top Chef.

The strike broke my connection with a lot of shows, and I've never gone back. (Though Heroes lost me slightly earlier than that for reasons related to writing, but not the lack thereof.) Not that I didn't fill the void with more casual viewing relationships -- the original CSI, doing the lather-rinse-repeat cycle on the Spike network; Reba, watched when there was a CSI repeat; the USA junk food that is Monk and Psyche; and for when I wanted to die a little bit on the inside, the VH-1 roster of Celebrity Rehab and, worse, Charm School.

But these are not shows I would record if I were not home to see them. They are shows I watch when I'm eating dinner. Cause I'm classy like that.

I know I could have been watching Mad Men. I know I could have been renting The Wire. But the writer's strike was also the best thing to happen to my own writing. To say nothing of my reading. (Books, you know, are the bomb.) So I did those things instead, and when it came time to hook back into those shows with which I have an emotional connection, there were only the select few that had any siren call left.

But come February 13th at 9 pm, I fear I shall have to add a fourth (FOURTH!) show to my list of regular shows: Joss Whedon's new series Dollhouse on Fox.

Because my crush on Joss Whedon is not small. It's not small at all.

And if it displaces any of the VH-1 viewing I've been doing, the world will be a better place and I a better person.


Blogger TadMack said...

Isn't pretty much everything the man touches gold? I was a little worried about the delays in getting the show out, but it's still coming, I guess.

(Not that I can actually watch it here, I just, you know, obsess about American television from afar. Cause I'm weird like that.)

Tue Jan 13, 05:04:00 AM EST  
Blogger Rohan said...

Hi Seren, great to see you're blogging again and good to hear your "voice" again. I completely stopped watching TV some years back, and honestly haven't missed it all that much. Although, you've got me thinking: what if I just allowed myself 3/4 shows per week. Just to relax, unwind, and enjoy writing and story on another level? I think I'll start with your fav list "classy" girl that you are. Keep blogging, your readers need you!

Tue Jan 13, 03:51:00 PM EST  
Blogger Seren said...

Tadmack, you know about Hulu, yes? Seeing as that's how I catch up on Bones, I'm betting -- nay, planning -- on Dollhouse being there. And if it's on the Internets, no national boundary may block you! At least, I don't think so? Am I wrong? Is there some dastardly UK filter on the series of tubes?

Rohan, thanks! You're making me feel like a corrupter. I think I like that. (Insert evil laugh and hand rubbing here.)

Wed Jan 14, 09:33:00 PM EST  
Blogger Libby said...

Ohhhhh, Dollhouse. We've been salivating around here for months, because Whedon has most highly honoured guest status in our house. And I want to k now what this show's version of "shiny" is going to be.

Sun Jan 18, 03:45:00 PM EST  
Blogger MeiMeiLn said...

Seren, did you read the thing I sent you RE: Dollhouse? What did you think? Friend of mine who works at Fox saw the, hopefully Joss and Co will work on it. :) Second and third eps were much, much better.

Fri Jan 23, 10:57:00 AM EST  
Blogger a. fortis said...

Oh, Heroes, why did you have to go from amusingly cheesy to aggravatingly poorly written? SIGH. If we hadn't been getting it in HD I probably would have stopped halfway through Season 2.

I can't wait for Dollhouse! Got excited by the commercial yesterday. Thanks, MeiMei, for the warning about the pilot.

Wed Jan 28, 08:25:00 PM EST  

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