Thursday, October 13, 2005

Okay...uh, OUCH!

Woman gives birth to 16th child in 17 years...and wants MORE?!

This reminds me of my best friend in junior high, Paula, and her ever-increasing family. Maybe it was because we went to Catholic school, but her dad was child crazy. Not in a pervert kind of way, but the "I want to procreate and cover the entire earth with my seed and adopt as many children as I can smush into my three-bedroom townhouse!" He had four children with his first wife (Paula was the oldest) and adopted the three children of his Filipina mail-order bride. (The eldest Trixie ended up in my class with me and Paula. Awkward!) Then if four girls in one room and three boys in another weren't enough, Paula's dad and stepmom went on to have two more girls...and then both Paula and Trixie got pregnant in high school with Jennifer following in their footsteps two years later. By that point, babies were sleeping in the bathtub and on the dining room table.

I think I know now what madness is.


Blogger TadMack said...

Euuuch! And there's nothing about scary religious reasons for giving birth, Arkasnas and its place in the Union as Scariest State or any other comment I can make here that hasn't already been said, is there?

Thu Oct 13, 07:09:00 PM EDT  
Blogger a. fortis said...

Oh, eww, I saw a segment on MSNBC about this today. The whole HUMONGOID family sitting together in the living room. It was scary.

Fri Oct 14, 11:19:00 PM EDT  
Blogger TadMack said...

Mark Morford is a columnist for the Chron who read at Lit Crawl. He had this to add.

Fri Oct 21, 01:23:00 PM EDT  
Blogger MeiMeiLn said...

Tadmack, that article was so great I can't stop smiling and wincing.

Fri Oct 21, 01:38:00 PM EDT  

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