Thursday, October 13, 2005

All that Apple picking for nothing!

I received a disgruntled call from my husband yesterday about this:

Apparently, Apple has released a new iPod that can play videos--this so soon after the birthing of the Nano which caused hordes to descend upon Best Buys, CompUSA, Apple, etc. and feast upon something that is no bigger than my credit card. It seems that the Nano is not enough for Husband, despite the fruitless calls and trips to numerous Best Buys in New Jersey. I think he's dazzled by the new iPod's ability to play videos ("Videos!" he breathed into the phone) that he's forgotten the long, long drive to central Jersey where we stood in line FOREVER beside a woman in stiletto heels with a teacup poodle in her LV bag ("He needed to get out of the house," she explained. Riiight...the mall is the first place I take my dog when he needs to get out.) to acquire a black Nano (heaven forbid it would be a white one).

Pop consumers, indeed!


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