Thursday, August 25, 2005

Not all great video games make great movies,1,17231,00.html?fdnews

One of my favorite X-box games, Halo, is now coming to a theatre near you. While entertaining in a very shoot-them-up-watch-them-explode-use-all-kinds-of-weaponry- kind of way, there's no emotional connection nor much of a plot. I know many hard-core fans (including my husband, brother and cousin) would beg to differ, but to me, there's no character development in this video game. I simply don't care about these people and aliens other than to shoot them and squeal with delight to see their corpses fall off a cliff. Halo is primitive in that pleasurable way that video games have. It's best appeal is its social aspect, thus the Halo parties where four X-boxes are networked and 16 folks play all at once. But as a movie, it'll probably follow in the footsteps of Mortal Kombat and the like, which is sad because Mortal Kombat the video game actually had a storyline and failed miserably as a movie. Let's hope Halo has a substantial plot beyond killing the Covenant otherwise it'd be smarter to skip the movie and just play at home.


Blogger Seren said...

Yes, not all video game adaptations can be as kick-ass as Resident Evil. Unless they cast Milla. In which case, we may have to revise.

Thu Aug 25, 06:47:00 PM EDT  

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