Thursday, August 25, 2005

Meant to be

How have I not met this man?! Same childhood town. Same college. And now same employer.

Daniel Dae Kim, someday I will meet you.


Blogger Seren said...

It is destined to be! Where Daniel Dae Kim has forged, you shall go. Does that mean you'll be on "Lost" soon?

Thu Aug 25, 03:20:00 PM EDT  
Blogger MeiMeiLn said...

You mean go to Hawaii? I'm going in October! (cue the stalker music) ;)

Thu Aug 25, 06:07:00 PM EDT  
Blogger TadMack said...

Can we just say the obvious, here?
Man, he's dreamy...

I'm sure your honey won't mind if you go, oh, celebrity watching, will he??

Tue Aug 30, 06:54:00 PM EDT  

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