Friday, May 13, 2005

A multitudinous response to MeiMei

1. Love that the URL contained the phrase "hot gossip." Truth in advertising in the best way.

2. Funny. Catalina was always my favorite salad dressing when I was growing up.

3. I can totally see how people would get me and Ms. Salad Dressing mixed up, because she is totally the spitting image of me. Really, it was me and Jake making out at . . . wait, where were we supposed to be again? We make out in so many public places at this point that I forget exactly where.

4. I'm really glad that the picture of Jakie shows him in one of his better suits. I don't know if you've noticed this, but Jake only owns two suits. If you don't believe me, go here, and count how many pictures have him in the same two jackets, usually with the same white shirt:

5. "Pulchritudinous"? Doesn't that sound like a bad thing? As in: Man, I had some bad clams. I feel downright pulchritudinous. (It would also have to be Jake's medieval Frankish king name: Gyllenhaal the Pulchritudinous. You'd never be sure if he was going to kiss you or bang you over the head with his mighty weapon, the Deadly Pulchritude.)

6. Shouldn't my cat have a screen name? Cats need privacy, too. (That's what she's always telling me, anyway, as in, "Seren, do you mind if I have the privacy of an entire room to myself? No, you don't mind? Okay, then leave.") How about, Mrrrrowww6758?

7. MeiMei, I am officially trolling the web for pictures of Howie Day making out with chicks other than you. Don't make me mention Matt Nathanson's WIFE.




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