Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Movie Stahs and Country Croonahs

Renee Zellweger and . . . the short, balding guy with the ten-gallon hat? Yes, it's true that I know who Kenny Chesney is, I know Kenny Chesney's music, I know what Kenny Chesney looks like. I admit that, a few months back, I did sit through part of a CMT special about the sexiest stars in country music, and when they listed him near the top, I initially went, Wu-huh? And then they showed a LOT of shots of him without his shirt, and I, uh, was convinced that someone could marry that chest, I mean, that Chesney.

I don't really like his music, much as I like some country music, and he strikes me as a bit of a high school jock type, which would explain the abs, and as long as I continue to focus on the torso, I can keep myself from saying aloud what runs through my head over and over: Lyle Lovett, Lyle Lovett, Lyle Lovett.


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