Monday, May 02, 2005

Joey Potter and the Power of IT

Yes, it's yet another post about Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise.

MSNBC has updated its story "No 'Risky Business'" which says that young Ms. Holmes intends to remain a virgin until marriage. To that I say, "HA! Ha, ha, ha, cough, ha!"

Now, I know dear readers are probably growing rather weary of the Katie Holmes posts. ("That MeiMeiLn is one obsessed puppy," as one reader has noted. Thank you, darling husband!) But I'm not ashamed. I fully admit it. I prescribe to what Television Without Pity refers to as IT: the inexplicable, unexplainable power of young starlets such as Katie Holmes whose main talent is pouting. I loved her as Joey Potter. (I plan to name my first daughter 'Joey' under the guise of naming her after my mother Josephine, but really, it's for the love of Joey Potter and all things Dawson's Creek.) I loved Katie Holmes in The Ice Storm, and The Gift (naked breasts nonwithstanding), loved her crazy short bangs and braids in Pieces of April and I loved those red cowboy boots in The Wonder Boys.

Which leads me to the point of this post. Katie Holme's power of IT is wearing off for me. I could learn to love her with Tom Cruise. Maybe. After drinking half a midori sour and wearing sunglasses. But saying she wants to remain a virgin until marriage? Um, hello? Nevermind the ultra-bland Chris Klein. I have two words for you: Joshua Jackson.


JOSHUA JACKSON. (My TV boyfriend, need I say more?)

Now, I'm not saying definitively whether Ms. Holmes is sexually active or not, but you do the math. Let's review. Josh Jackson + big acting role on Dawson's Creek as pouty heroine Joey Potter + magazine proclaimed IT status + first time away from home + first love = ????

Even a lame-o writer like me can calculate.


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