Monday, February 13, 2006

Dear Amy Sherman-Palladino

You say: "I know there are two camps. Personally, for me, I've loved the psychological implications of this year more than any other year because we've really gotten to do some real mother-daughter stories."

I say: Yes, and those of us in Camp Character Consistency want our freakin' show back, and not just in some crazy ten-minute speed game of Wrap Up the Loose Ends.

Lauren Graham, can I get an amen?

Apparently, I can.


Blogger LLA said...

I agree with you, and the lovely Lauren Graham.

And as long as we are talking contrived here, need I even mention "April"??? I loathe that whole story line.

Mon Feb 13, 10:01:00 AM EST  
Blogger TadMack said...

I am glad it's not as if the whole 'audience objections' thing doesn't happen in a vacuum -- the actors still have brains, even if the writers are creating drama where none exists. Can you imagine dragging the wedding thing out one more year? In hopes of, what, a double wedding between Rory and Dweebie?! sigh

Wed Feb 15, 06:16:00 PM EST  

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