Thursday, January 12, 2006

A sorbet for the soul, if you will

I know M&C is not exactly supposed to be about the love, but sometimes, you have to cleanse the palate, no?

So, I'll just say that if you'd like to see a movie, the craftsmanship and heart of which will woo you and make the world seem a marvelous, marvelous place, please go rent this:

Then go here for Miranda July's film-related blog:

This movie made me want to go around hugging strangers for almost two straight hours after. Even if the StepBrad had crossed my path, I would have considered it, despite the smell.

(The effect might even have lasted longer if it hadn't been for that woman who decided that, out of a gazillion empty tables in the tea shop, she had to sit behind my table and slurp her soup and bang her cutlery and crunch toast in such a way that she is lucky to be alive at all right now.)

What else are you going to do with your movie-watching time? Watch Robert DeNiro's career finally, finally die? If that is your pleasure, please see


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