Thursday, August 11, 2005

Why I'm Not Blogging

I think I have blogger's malaise. Maybe it's a new strain of the flu that's affected the movie-going public of late.

I mean, I was a little excited when I saw that Holly Hunter is pregnant:,1,17076,00.html

I thought to myself, there's got to be something to be sarcastic about here:,1,17104,00.html

Or here:,1,17098,00.html

I should be excited. Somebody -- okay, not anybody credible, but somebody -- is really getting to the core of the box office decline (I call it the Suckiness):,1259,---26481,00.html

But have I been posting about these things? Have I felt that rush to rubberneck and invite all to join me? No, I have not.

Why? I ask myself, why?

I know the answer. You know the answer, if you have the courage to look into your heart.

It's TomKat and the lesson in futility.

I mean, what did all the howling and railing do? Maybe cult conversions have dipped a little as a result, but I doubt it.


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