Saturday, July 09, 2005

Zeriously? Well, contgratulationz.

The bad things about my not posting daily are (1) I'm freakin' trolling the websites anyway, so it's not like I don't know all the unimportant things I usually write about -- they're still all taking up space in my brain; and (2) I feel as if you all will be unimpressed by my days' old news, and since I live to impress you, it is sad, sad, sad for Seren.

So, knowing that it would hurt my feelings if you were to do otherwise, please pretend the following item is fresh, even though even MSNBC has taken it off its front page.

Angelina is the next Josephine Baker/Mia Farrow, with her international brood. I know. It does actually fit, when you think about it. Naked dancing + British accent faking. See -- the math works.

However, I'd like to ask Step-Brad to step off. I mean, who's press is this supposed to be?


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